All Eyes on Florida and Alaska

Although cannabis law reform continues to take place across the country, residents of two states in the U.S. have the opportunity this year to drastically change the landscape in the movement to legalize recreational and medicinal cannabis; Alaska and Florida.


In Alaska, voters will have the opportunity this August to legalize cannabis, through a constitutional amendment, for all adults 21 and older. Similar to Colorado’s Amendment 64the initiative voters will be considering would legalize cannabis possession, private cultivation and state-licensed sales. If approved, Alaska would become the third state in the U.S. to legalize recreational cannabis; it would be a clear, undeniable sign that cannabis legalization is a certain inevitability, and that recent victories have sped up the process.

In Florida, voters will be given the chance to legalize cannabis for medical purposes this November. Although over 20 states have legalized some form of medical cannabis, Florida would be the first state in the south to do so, and one of the last states many expected would make the move. Despite their often conservative values, recent polling has found upward of 80% in the state to be in support of legalizing medical cannabis, a strong sign that the state will do so through a voter-approved initiative this November.

If both of these states are successful in accomplishing their goal, the momentum gained by the victories in Colorado and Washington would explode to new heights, and new levels of mainsteam awareness.

It’s absolutely vital that those who support reforming our failed cannabis laws support these efforts; if you’re in either of these states, get involved with the campaigns (for Florida click here, for Alaska click here), spread awareness and do what you can to help get these proposals approved. If you’re outside of the state, considering donating to the campaigns behind the initiatives; as we all know, for better or worse, money plays a huge role in politics, and everything you can give helps in a big way.

We’ll keep you updated as these, and other proposals, move forward.


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