Durban Poison – the stuff dreams are made of

This is why I love Sativas!

Brain candy, prepare some projects before hand and you will be sure to get through most of them. Clean the house, reorganize the fridge, regret eating that gallon of ice cream, clean the yard, wash the car, smoke another bowl and contemplate doing those roof repairs, rotating your tires, taking the dogs for a run…the world is your oyster, rip it open and grab that pearl!

Durban Poison lends itself to wonderful dream states, rich, almost lucid dreams are just one of the excellent effects that I’ve noted from smoking this strain.

Taste: Very nice, not a peppery assault but more of a pleasant dirty fruit fog rolling over your tongue.

Earthy, fruity, like a fruit salad served in old running shoes.

The fruit overtones really come out on the exhale.

I know the time it takes to properly cultivate and cure a premium top shelf sativa such as this and have mad respect for the small number of cultivators that are up to the task.

Dank Research is one such cultivar that those that know eagerly await the transition to commercial grower.

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