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Northern Lights #5

Northern Lights #5 BudsWhat can you say about Northern Lights #5 that has not already been said since it first arrived around 40 years ago? It entered into the Cannabis Cup competition in 1989 and dominated the event, winning in ’89, ’90, and ’92. This legendary strain has been a favored cross for many of the greats that followed it. The legends of its genesis include “The Indian” from one of the many islands west of Seattle who grew 11 plants, which he named Northern Lights #1-11 with #1 and #5 being the picks of the litter. #5 was discovered some years later by Neville Schoenmaker, a famous cannabis breeder from Australia, somewhere in the early 1980s. Neville took female clones of all the plants back with him to The Netherlands and started crossbreeding it for the Seed Bank. As with most legendary strains you can find any number of seed sellers claiming to have various offshoots of the original.

Dank Research has been exploring many of the legends including Puna Buddaz, Durban, Chocolate Thai, and this round dropped some NL#5.
“I grow in living soil with occasional teas, under LED lights. The seeds were sent to me from Greg McAllister, #oldemarine, who along with the Seattle NL crew created the strain in the early 80s. These seeds are from BEFORE they were sent to Holland.”
The buds are tight and the taste is rich and pleasing. Pinene is certainly up front, fruity (terpinolene), floral, slight earthy undertones (Myrcene). Peppery aftertaste. There is no hint of the diesel flavor of Limonine. This could easily be a daily dose just based on the satisfying flavor profile. But as with any quality smoke the real measure is where it takes your head. This NL#5 takes me right where I want to be, though I might forget where that was or how I got there. A nice, long lasting stone that seems to build like a slow motion avalanche and had me hold a lighter in each hand trying to remember if I was going to light the bowl or the joint.
 Northern Lights #5 leaves in veg state

Dank Research – Northern Lights #5. #oldmarine


Northern Lights

Black Domina Taskenti x Opd

Strain: Black Domina x OPD
Origin:  Chosen Few Genetics.
Growing Medium: Soil black with the blood and souls of a thousand slain enemies. (I think)
Lighting: LED
Nutrients: See ‘growing medium’
Cultivator: DANK RESEARCHImage may contain: 1 person, beard

Appearance: Dark green with purplish hues. Nice not to tight buds and by no means “fluffy”.
Smell: New mown hay curing in the sun after snorting a couple rails of Black Pepper.
Burn: Gotta keep a flame to it mostly. zero nute flares.
Taste: Dank, this tastes organically grown, suspect a very high Myrcene level, some Pinene just under that along with some notable Linalool but Caryophyllene gives it the peppery hint mostly noticeable in the sinuses after exhaling.

This strain hits hard all on it’s own but eat a Mango before or during and the added Myrcene will top it off very well.

Pain relief: Excellent, as it takes your brain deep down under the pain and lets you ride there for hours, safe from the storms lashing the surface. This is one of those “Don’t operate…machinery, on people, in buzz kill situations etc.” strains the Church Ladies warn you about. INDICA… IN DE COUCH!

But…I’ve been trying to write this review for a fucking week and every time I smoke some I wander off into that indica induced haze and around 4 AM decide I better get to it tomorrow. It takes me down, just not enough to overcome my natural insomnia, I think I’d need to make some hashish out of for that to be a thing.

Exhale: Residual light pepper with a slightly sweet savor.
High: Sort of the wrong word in play here, Sativas and Hybrids get me “high”, this shit gets me STONED.
Manicure: Nicely hand trimmed, no shame here, a connoisseur’s trim and cure.
Overall: Highest recommendation for an Indica.I tend to gravitate toward Sativa dom but then along comes a serious Indica like Black Domina to remind me why I started smoking weed in the first place, it takes you to nice places.Emoji - Smoking Weed Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image ...

Image ©2020 Sensi Seeds

Image ©2020 Alaska Hemp

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Image ©2020 Dank Research

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