blowtorchDabbing is the smoking of cannabis extract, either BHO, CO2 or Rosin. Dab Rigs have become a complex subculture and quite frankly many of the initial efforts to create the ideal Dab Rig have been colossal failures. The open flames from propane torches, red hot ceramic or titanium “nails”…not the things we need around a bunch of stoners. Electric nails are an advancement but I have to question the manufacturers that make ones that go far above the boiling point of THC and CBDs. I see posts all the time about 700 degree rigs when at 400 degrees you have burned off anything you might want and are just inhaling carbons and toxic gasses. That buzz your feeling was the 10% of your dab that boiled off in the first .05th second and carbon monoxide poisoning from the rest of the burnoff.

Dab pens are much more refined and present the dabber a far greater flexibility in the pursuit of the ultimate dab blast. Electronic heating assures proper heat for vaporizing and portability. I have a Seego Vhit with adjustable current and it gives a great hit and all I have to do is press a button, not lay out the dab, prep the nail, heat it with the blow torch, set the blow torch down and grab the IR Thermometer, put out the burning stash box and turn off the torch, read the temperature on the nail and blast a dab through a water pipe more complicated than the human digestive system. Yea, I know, haters gonna hate, but come on kids, keep it simple, stupid.

How you get your dab depends on your desire to DIY or connections. There are lots of Dab Masters cranking out endless slabs and many will laud the purity of their product dropping buzz words like winterized but unless you plan on becoming a hard core daily dabber about the only real thing to look for in your dab are dog hairs and bubbles. If it has dog hairs pick them out and don’t score from him any more, if it has bubbles heat it up to around 120F for 20 minutes and give your connection a link to a YouTube video on basic BHO.

If you want to do it yourself first watch a few of those videos and then double check your homeowners and life insurance policies. After that see my tutorials under BHO, CO2 and Rosin.

A work in progress…

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