Murky craps on freedom

Murky craps on freedom, Supreme Court and popular vote…

“Members of the House should be applauded today for taking a strong stand toward protecting Alaska’s children by passing this critical drug bill. I specifically want to thank the bill’s sponsors, especially Rep. Jay Ramras, who worked so hard to ensure final passage of this important measure,” said Murkowski. “Alaska stands on the path to new economic prosperity and our youths must be free to take this path without the dangerous roadblocks of meth labs and marijuana profiteers.”

Gov. Frank “Asswipe” Murkowski
In attaching a marijuana rider to a Meth Bill Murkowski has taken the typical Republican low road and put marijuana in the same class as meth. While he sips his martinis and counts what used to be our money he can sleep peacefully knowing that the prisons will continue to be filled to overflow with non violent marijuana smokers.
Way to go asswipe, Murkowski 1, freedom and democracy 0.
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