Marijuana Legalization Would Promote Drug Use, DEA Contends

Posted: 01/23/2013 1:25 pm EST

WASHINGTON — Recent state efforts to legalize marijuana pose a challenge for the Drug Enforcement Administration because they would increase marijuana’s availability and promote drug use, the DEA said in a filing released Wednesday.

“Recently, efforts to legalize marijuana have increased. Keeping marijuana illegal reduces its availability and lessens willingness to use it,” the DEA said in a financial statement for fiscal year 2012 made public on Wednesday. “Legalizing marijuana would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of drug use.”

Full story at the Huffington post<<<<<

2 Responses to “Marijuana Legalization Would Promote Drug Use, DEA Contends”

  • They are right, making marijuana legal would lead to more people using it, it would also lead to more people NOT being subjected to “underground” dealers that also sell crack, meth etc.
    The DEA has a financial stake in keeping marijuana illegal, they believe their funding would be drastically reduced and there is also the consideration that they would be required to sit down and eat a very large helping of humble pie in regards to marijuana.

  • William Rosenlof:

    Whats promoting its use more than anything is keeping it illegal and lying to the general public about it.. trying to make it out as this dangerous drug which is not true.. we’ve been getting lied to for a long time

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