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    A 3 day protestival in Alaska, summer 2015, in association with Seattle HEMPFEST
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    Alaska HEMPFEST 2015 is a three day free political protestival to educate the public on the cannabis / hemp plant, and advocate for reforming America’s laws regarding cannabis / hemp.
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    To provide Alaskans with the space to openly discuss legislation and policies that will affect our future.To provide space for educators and business people to share and promote their research, ideas and products that will help create a healthier environment as well as boost our economy.

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ACC Medical

static.squarespace.comWe now have a great long time local doctor on staff and 3 very dedicated workers to make sure the clinic is available to those in need.

Got Weed? Want Weed? Get Weed!

I have had dreams about this coming to pass, I call up the Pizza joint and order a Hawaiian with Feta, call up the weed Joint and order a few Joints and kick back for a night of seriously chronic couch surfing while under the influence of Pizza and Pot.

disdivWhile I suspect there might some aspects of the law being violated I non the less wish Rocky well in his efforts to make my dreams a reality. (and I suspect a few of his dreams as well.) In case you didn’t know you can Dial-A-Dope today and bake tonight.  well, actually it’s more Digital Dope as they are not taking calls, but you can purchase a bag of weed, anything from a Gram to an Ounce, by visiting their website and placing your order.

There are a few little glitches here and there, for one you can’t actually SEE the weed your buying, at least not until it reaches your door, but by then you have already sent your PayPal payment so your taking your chances on the meager descriptions being provided, and the “Green goddess” that reports a “potentant head high” has me wondering.

Potentate (from the Latin potens, ‘powerful’) is a term for a person with potent, sometimes supreme, power.

disdivmanOK, so perhaps they meant Potent, but wouldn’t a bud that gave the toker potent, supreme power be awesome? Almost worth risking  $55.00 plus $10.00 delivery to score an 1/8th and find out.

A one gram Joint for $20 seems a bit steep, add the $10 delivery and your up to $30, another $10 and you can score a 1/8th oz almost anywhere around the Valley or Anchoragua.

A full Oz of Green Goddess for $320.00 is a reasonable deal even with the $10 delivery fee but again I can get $260.00 Ozs just about any day and delivery is free. I think Rocky needs to remember there is still a thriving Black Market populated with lots of talented growers eager to move their product to market.

Discreet Deliveries says they are just that, a delivery service, that is utilized by the “Discreet Beliefs Church“, which has the following “sales pitch”:

“We are building a Church for our Congregation, one STONE at a time! Each time a congregation member supports our Church, with a purchase of an “Stone”(empty bag with our personalized label and information) on our shopping cart, we will give away a matching amount of cannabis to that congregation member. Discreet Deliveries, an Alaskan courier service, (AK 1016143), will deliver your mechanically sealed stone to your door.”

Now, I’m not a Lawyer, but I sense some effort to circumvent the law there even if they have filed the proper paperwork with the State of Alaska to be an actual Church, which I see no indication of, and I suspect that should they desire to do so the long arm of the law could stick the short arm of the law where the Sun don’t shine and close down both the Church and their delivery service. I hope it don’t happen though.

There are some other issues, like hosting with SloDaddy and not supporting any number of local Alaskan website Designers and Hosting providers (like Webmusher Design, Alaska Hemp’s host and webmaster for over 10 years!) and there not being a single review that I could find, and the “Church” is “CLOSED Sunday” and Google search will bring up a LOT of dead pages and shoddy webdesign like this it is nice to see a vision of things hopefully to come once the regulations get ironed out.


I sent Rocky a link hoping he would offer some comments, he did, then when he found out I wrote this he offered a few more comments then banned me on facebook so I could not respond. So I’ll respond here.


  • Rocky Burns

    Rocky Burns

    I don’t sell green crack or anything from California. Why would you bring up GoDaddy?

    Well, because your shopping cart is “powered by GoDaddy”.




    Rocky Burns
    Yeah you start picking on some pretty weak stuff, thats smashing. I have tried really hard to stay 100% Alaskan, and it took some low ball shit like that to smear me Bill. Why not focus on my competitors? I have ACTUAL PROOF they all are buying from California, yet I have refused over and over, even though I can get lbs for $800. I could lower my prices then

     Bill/Stoney: What competitors?  I don’t see anyone else offering home deliver of weed.
  • Rocky Burns

    Rocky Burns

    But our ALASKAN weed strains are awesome, and we have plenty of people who buy every day. I have over 100 card carrying members to that Church you say isn’t a Church by a circumvention

     You didn’t even look up definitions I guess Bill. Even Websters says “Hockey is a Religion in Canada” You should learn about a basic premise called Separation of Church and State. If fact I would love to debate you live on any of these subjects if you question my “legality”
    Bill/Stoney: Ok, so you heard about this “separation of Church and State” thing and decided that will cover your possibly illegal activities.
    Then I can assume that you have filed the proper certificates with the state affirming your religious status? Can I see a copy?

    AS 10.40.020. Execution of Articles of Incorporation.

    An archbishop, bishop, president, trustee in trust, president of stake, president of congregation, overseer, presiding elder, or clergyman, of a church or religious society, who has been chosen, elected or appointed, in conformity with the constitution, canons, rites, regulations, or discipline of the church or religious society, and in whom is vested the legal title to the property of the church or religious society, may execute written articles of incorporation in triplicate, acknowledged before an officer authorized to take acknowledgments.

    AS 10.40.030. Filing and Recording of Articles of Incorporation.

    One copy of the articles shall be filed with the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development; one copy shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the superior court in the judicial district in which the principal place of business of the corporation is to be located; and one copy shall be retained by the corporation. Each copy filed shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose.

    AS 10.40.040. Contents of Articles of Incorporation.

    The articles of incorporation must specify

    (1) the name of the corporation;
    (2) the purpose of the corporation;
    (3) the estimated value of its property at the time of executing the articles of incorporation;
    (4) the title of the person executing the articles; and
    (5) the name and address of the person upon whom process may be served.



Denali Smoke

Mission Statement

Denali Smoke is an effort to chronicle and comment on the development of regulations governing the recent legalization of marijuana in Alaska. Already, less than three weeks after the people of Alaska voted to legalize marijuana, various factions have started trying to limit Alaskans’ newly won freedoms.

The University of Alaska has announced students will not be allowed to possess marijuana on campus. State legislators have announced bills that would further limit Alaskans’ right to possess marijuana in public. The U.S. Coast Guard has stated that marijuana is still illegal on Alaska’s waterways and will be confiscated and the owners may be prosecuted when they find it. The Alaska State Troopers are still writing citations and confiscating any marijuana they find. Three members of the Anchorage Assembly have introduced an ordinance seeking to outlaw commercial sale and distribution in our state’s largest city.

Opponents of Alaska’s attempt to regulate marijuana like alcohol are not giving up nor backing down, instead they have gone on the offensive. Alaskans, those who use marijuana and those who believe in individual liberty want to see the law implemented the way it was written will need to stay informed and involved as the regulations are developed and implemented. Denali Smoke is an effort to help that happen.

No newspaper or blog ever written has been unbiased and so this one will not be either. Every journalist has an agenda, to expect otherwise is an exercise in naivety. In the case of Denali Smoke, the agenda is to shed light on the implementation of Alaska’s new marijuana law as honestly as we can while guarding our rights as an Alaskan.

Be sure and check out the Resources page!

Marijuana Madness 2015 style

yuckmanSome time back I was woken up by a much too early telephone call from some irate person demanding that I take immediate action and remove someones posts from a website he thought I was hosting for them. He didn’t know it was my website, but he quickly found out much more than he wanted to know about me as I found out a great deal about him and his past. After numerous calls in which he impersonated a Police Officer, made threats on my life and generally  made it quite evident just what sort of person he was I made sure our last conversation was three way affair between me, him and the Alaska State Troopers dispatch, which is always recorded. He is still running his get rich quick “Medical Clinic” in Anchorage in spite of my efforts to convince him he should pack his carpet bag and leave, just as others in Montana, California other places had invited him to do. I’m sure he made millions off fleecing Alaskans for $35.00 state Medical Marijuana Cards, of course his $350.00 price included a little for the Dr and office rent and his lawyer which he pulled like a fancy chrome six shooter every time he felt threatened.

Mike Smith was and is a black eye on marijuana legalization in Alaska (and anywhere else he has been according to the tales from those left in his slimy wake) and should be shunned by anyone serious about putting the best face on marijuana possible. If you have been a marijuana user for any time at all you know that there is a culture, a vibe, a spirit in the sharing of the Herb. Don’t bogart, puff, puss pass, a friend with weed, be a righteous dealer and don’t sell bunk, it’s a Rastaman vibration, one love and Jah and hippies and love beads, not lawyers and big business and bad people doing bad things.

This last year Alaska voted to legalize marijuana and one Anchorage reporter said “Fuck it, I quit” on live TV News and went viral, she might well have swayed the election by bringing much needed attention to the issue. at the time I applauded her actions, but then as I thought about it and got the whole story (I’m a little slow due to not watching TV, took me a while to catch up) I saw that her future as a journalist was finished, she had made an ethical breach that would forever taint any reporting she might do. What ever he reasons the end does not always justify the means. Ethics, a code of right and wrong, are not something you surrender for a cause, you either are ethical or you are not, sort of like being pregnant.

Ms. Greene is still at the center of a media maelstrom as she tries to get her marijuana members only club up and running, and it seems as if she is still going about it the wrong way, a way that seems to be unethical. Renting a storefront that she knows is zoned for commercial use only and then trying to create a loophole making it a residence, violating city code and the trust of her landlord and then taking an adversarial stand and playing the poor little me bit like she was the victim when she was the one doing the bad things.

Alaska stoners and those that want to see medical and commercial marijuana succeed need to make a choice about who is representative of the best and brightest and tell those that are just giving the effort a black eye to get a clue, we need more Willie Nelson and Montel Williams and less Mike Smith and Charlo Greene defining the Alaska Marijuana Movement.



Why You Will Soon Be Building Your Home With Hempcrete

As state after state slowly moves towards marijuana legalization, it seems like everyone is trying to cash in on the pot-farming boom. But legalization opens the door to a world of innovation and entrepreneurship that’s a lot wider than new, inventive ways to get high, like weed sodas. In “green rush” states like Colorado, farmers are taking advantage of the new legal environment to sow fields of hemp, marijuana’s THC-deficient cousin. Because of its relationship to cannabis, hemp has been illegal in America for over 60 years, despite a consistent chorus of supporters who have touted its use as a natural fiber and food supplement in Canada and Europe. Compared to the economic potential of legalized marijuana, that of pot’s fibrous cousin seems like small potatoes. Yet one use of the plant could revolutionize construction in the U.S., creating a new, lucrative industry for growers: Hempcrete.

Read more at:

How I choose my clone moms from seed

ca2ak-logo-blkBG When I get a new pack of seeds that I can’t wait to grow what is the first thing I do?  I germinate all of them…yes…not 2 or 5 or 8 I germinate all 10…by week 3-4 it will be down to one or 2 females if I’m looking for only females…if I wanna make seeds to save for later I’ll keep a male or two also. Why do you ask would I wanna crack all 10 ?  well its a lottery…in that 10 pack there could be one gem if you are lucky, you could find that plant that was in the picture that drew you to that particular strain in the first place or you could not find it, you could find a bunch of average joe plants. But if you only crack a few you lessen your chances of finding a true gem, by gem I mean the plant you will clone and keep in your garden and show off to your friends on average the “gem” is about one in one hundred seeds so about 10 -10 packs.

IMGP5299Now back to germinating…those first 2 weeks are gonna tell you a lot about your new strain, is it vigorous?  Is it healthy? Is it stretching or is it staying short and squat? These are the key characteristics in initial selecting. What are the breeders characteristic notes on that particular strain? The plant they are selling you is short, tall, slow or fast…now take the information the breeder has given you and apply that to your new seedlings.. for example you bought an Afghani Indica x Thai….in the pictures you see a medium plant with large colas indicating it has taken characteristics from both parents. Look at the leaf sets how many blades, are they skinny leaves are they fat leaves? Apply that to your new seedlings. Now you notice your seedlings have 3 different leaf patterns.  That is showing you the traits from parents and also traits form the hybrid. The skinny leaves will be the Thai dominant the fat bladed leaves will of course be Afghani and the in between will be your hybrid. Now you can see the difference in the gene pool in growth an outward appearance. Now to find out the inside…when the plant gets to about the 4th or 5th leaf sets its time to do a stem rub…the smell…you are looking for that smell that strain is known for. In this particular demonstration you are looking for an Afghani dominant plant since you plan on growing it indoors you want to keep it shorter and more compact so you will smell and look for that earthy citrusy smell Afghani is known for.

Out of 10 seeds say you got 2 with skinny leaves, 4 with medium leaves and 4 with fat leaves. If you want now you can kill off the others if you don’t have space or room to grow them out or you can grow em out and see. But for our story here you wanted the Afgani dominant line of this strain the same as pictured on the seed distributors webpage you bought them from. So you kill off 6, keep 4 and grow them till you reach sex then sex them, keeping your females. Once you grow out the few females with the proper genetics you are looking for you can choose between those for your best clone mom. But this way you can save a lot of dirt and time selecting the pant you are actually going for.  This can be applied every time you buy and grow seeds. You look for that cookie plant in the blueberry GSC cross, you know the cookies stretches and longer internodes so you can select that way, it saves me from growing out undesirables and saving on dirt and nutrients and since I’m breeding anyway I need an effective way to cull the herd.  So when I grow out an OG seed I know its the OG dom when I get to the stem rub, other strains it can be the stretch or shortness tighter internode spacing even before stem rub. So internode spacing , leaf sets or blades and stem rub. There you go 3 ways to tell if you got the strain you bought and how to find the desired phenotype. Some of the best strains today were found in a handful of beans, imagine if there was 100 of those beans…those elite clones might not even be the “gem” in the bunch had they been able to be selected from a larger gene pool.

Anddes420 can be found at


We won, now what?

OK, I lived to see marijuana legal (again) in my dear sweet Alaska, and I will be in one of the lines to buy the first legal bag, or behind a counter selling it. But now that we have a legal leg to stand on we need to make certain that it is not swept out from under us, nailed down, hobbled or mired in such excessive regulation that it is worse then it was before.

We must be vigilant that small home growers are not required to post huge bonds, or submit to random searches, or have their homes and children taken away because they had a gun and a pot plant in the same structure. we must demand that the law serve the public good and not subvert the intent of the law.

We can not allow there to be a strong front of sour grapes losers framing the laws and forcing regulations that will be detrimental to the winning side. I think we can all agree that the current regulations for alcohol could be transferred to marijuana as it relates to public consumption, school zones, etc. If you can’t build a Liquor store in a given location you can’t open a Pot Outlet there either. But what about Medical Clinics? What if they want to keep valid medical dispensaries or clinics out of accepted medical zoned areas?

Holding a coveted “Commercial Cultivation License” should come at a cost equal to that of a Liquor license, no more and no less, per unit taxes should not be excessive, like not a combination of Fed and State tax, because we all know the Feds can’t tax something they say is illegal anyway, right?

We should strive to make certain Home Grown is just that, no Big Bag Stores moving in and dominating the market, like you should need to be able to show three years back PFD checks in order to get a Growers License or a Retail Outlet License.

There is going to be a lot of work done in the next 90 days, and the year that follows, shaping Alaska’s marijuana market, there are fortunes to be made and we need to make sure those fortunes are Alaskan and stay in Alaska.

Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control Marijuana Initiative FAQs

  • Can I sell or buy marijuana legally starting today?

No. Per AS 15.45.220, the act becomes effective 90 days after certification. Until that date, all current statutes and regulations relating to marijuana are in full force and effect.

  • Is the ABC Board keeping a list of individuals or businesses interested in starting a marijuana business that I can put my name on?

No. The act gives a time period for developing regulations for licensing marijuana growers and sellers. These regulations must be written and codified before individuals or businesses may apply for licenses.

  • Will individual communities be able to opt out of marijuana manufacture and sales?

Yes. The act provides for local option elections that permit a community in Alaska to opt out of manufacture and sales of marijuana. Communities will continue to be bound by authority regarding individual constitutional privacy rights as set forth by the Supreme Court in Ravin v. Alaska.

  • What types of licenses will be available?

The types of licenses and process for acquiring them have yet to be determined. The act gives a time period of nine months for the State of Alaska to develop regulations for licensing.

  • Who is going to write the regulations for marijuana manufacture and sales?

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has been tasked with drafting the regulations relating to the manufacture and sale of marijuana products. The initiative also allows the Legislature to create a separate Marijuana Control Board if they desire which could assume the responsibility for crafting the regulations governing the marijuana industry.

  • Who will administer the licenses and enforce regulatory restrictions on the licenses?

The act provides that the ABC Board will be responsible for regulating marijuana like alcohol unless the legislature creates a separate Marijuana Control Board.

Campaigning for marijuana reform in Alaska and the Nation.

My testimony before the Lt. Governor’s commission:

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Safety Briefing
KHIGH Lets Talk Pot

Attention Alaska Doctors
If you would like to have patient referrals send me an email. I assure you I will utilize absolute discretion in my referral process, not even releasing your name, only directions to the clinic and what to ask the person at the front desk. we will NOT make the information available on the internet. Alaskans NEED you to help them help themselves! Send an email to with instructions for how you wish to have patients sent to you. We need Drs all across Alaska to start doing the right thing and we will help you do it with out exposing you to scorn from the narrow minded.
Medical Marijuana License
If you feel the need to obtain a Medical Card here is a link to the State Website
Alaska DHSS Pot Page
Marijuana Application Packet PDF
Check here to get your prescription in the Anchorage Area