Getting started

Once you have decided that you would like to try growing marijuana the next thing you need to do is find some. If you happen to live in a area where it has been legalized this should be fairly simple. If not you need to find someone with plants or seeds that is willing to share.

There are many reputable “seed banks” that will ship seeds to you discretely but you are taking a risk because sending seeds through the US Mails is still a criminal act and you can be fined or jailed. But what usually happens is customs just finds them and trashes them. I know several people that have ordered seeds and are quite happy and free and growing great strains.

Growing from seeds is great because you know what the plants strain is, and there are no worries about bugs or morphing from cloning. If you can get good cuttings from a grower that you know to be bug free you’ll be in production a lot faster then if you start from seed.

A small seedling/cutting germination/cultivation station is quite handy.

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