Agent Carter

StrainAgent Carter
Growing Medium?
CultivatorR.C. Tinderbox
Appearance Nice Light Green sugary buds
SmellFlowers growing in the back of a truck stop.
Tasteexcellent taste, this is a strain that I can smoke for the high
and also just because it has an awesome taste.
The kind of weed you roll as pin joints to enjoy the
taste ’cause your already high as shit from the first
ExhaleExxcellllent…the best part of the exhale is it provides room for another inhale.
High“Tinderbox proudly offers their Agent Carter flowers,
the result of crossing parent strain’s
Pinapple Express x OG Chem D F 3.
These buds possess an incredible flavor profile thanks to
Agent Carter’s sweet relatives.”

Yea, it takes me to where I want to be,
and the Pineapple Express is well complemented by the
OG Chem.

Yea, Agent Carter really is a fine top shelf strain when grown right, good job R.C. Tinderbox.

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