Wasilla approves Black Market Weed

In a unanimous vote the City Council of Wasilla, in spite of public testimony running over 2 to 1 in opposition, approved the banning of cultivation, retail sales and testing within the City limits. The City that potentially stood to make the most from Alaska’s legendary Matanuska Thunderfuck and the other legendary cannabis strains grown here has opted out, eliminating any and all cannabis other than private dwellings growing their 6 plants and smoking them in the privacy of their own homes.

Councilman David Wilson, Council Seat A, presented the only reasonable excuse for voting to ban commercial grows with his logic that the City would then be presented with having to try and deal with Federally sanctioned “drug money” that they could not legally deposit or spend.

With an attendance that made me question the legal capacity of the Council chambers over 4 hours of spirited public testimony was led on the Pro Ban side by the Church group that showed up with horror stories of how legal, tested and taxed cannabis would destroy the children. Many made claims about friends or family who had their lives ruined after they used Pot and then got addicted to Meth or some other drug (the stupid truly burned brightly). The Anti Ban side was mainly led by Combat Veterans, elderly business persons, young hopeful entrepreneurs and people concerned with safe and legal access to medical cannabis. All of their reasoned and logical pleas fell on deaf ears it would seem as the council quickly moved to the vote and returned a unanimous “fuck you” to the cannabis industry.




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  • osiris sgk:

    Don’t worry valley people, we will gladly help you get nice herbs in Dankorage. Sorry it went down like that, sounds like your city council should be fired.

  • Wonder who, and what, the ignorant and feeble-minded will blame when it becomes federally legal?

  • Terry Spencer:

    I truly disagree.
    I mean a church study. Honestly im a loving person to my god.
    I dont go to church because they are all full of political veiws and judgment upon lives most of them know nothing about.
    I come from the streets. Ive done all kinds of things aside from black tar. I drank before I had done anything. Been sipping beer since I was a lil kid.
    And yes then I smoked weed at ten years old. Ive been on my own since I was 13. And ive seen it all from suicide to homicide to just people being addicts. The only reason why meth and things come into the picture is due to the people on the stuff. Never have I seen a honest pot smoking home have any other drugs around and no other drugs. Meant the children in that home grew up smoking yes. But never have done or wanted to do anything else. Not even drink.
    It dont mean theres not issues. But you tell me one fsmily in America where they dont have issues. Believe me if anyone ever thought they were better then say a homeless drug addict. You need help seriously bad.
    So please realize its not the drug that leads to other drugs. I actually see more alcoholic people in with cocaine, meth etc…… Nobody really drinks and smokes weed. That gives you the spins. But drink and do a line of BLOW. Ok now the party continues. So again tell me what really leads to drugs. Because its not fu××ing weed. Get real fscts from the real people.
    For example I stopped smoking weed for 7 years. But then heavily drank and started heavily mixing with cocaine. Then I smoked again. And nothing matters not even drinking. No drunken fighting and dui’s, no risk of felony charges. I can function when I wake up. No hang over. I eat healthy. Family time is more often and more important then before. And I can care for children around me (smoking responsibly) and its always positive. Now like most people I know even politics and so on like CEO’s of large companys. They drink then drinking always leads to doing lines. Not smoking weed. Smoking weed is not a n upper where you would want meth or coke. You people have gotten the worst idea of how the drug world works. And dont tell me science proves shit. Till you live it. You know nothing.
    Weed needs to be legal and banned alcohol. Id much rather my kidds smoke then drink you idiots. Alcohol is your gateway to hell. Not weed.

  • Andy:

    Yea wasilla isnt a city with a functional community. People either live here because they dont want to live in Anchorage but work there, or they grew up here because parents want to raise kids in an isolated place where theres nowhere for them to go but church. Thats one of the big stems of the drug problem out here. Life sucks.

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