Kenai River Kush

Posted by Stoney on April 5, 2017 in Strain Reports |

STRAIN: Kenai River Kush AA (Critical Mass X OG Kush) TYPE: Indica Dominant ORIGIN: Red Run Cannabis Company (Barney’s Farm) MEDIUM: Coco, growstones and Worm Castings NUTES: Grandpa’s Earthworm Castings Fertilizer Down to Earth – Bat Guano (9-3-1)(0-7-0)(3-15-0)Fertilizer Down to Earth – Bone Meal  Fertilizer, Langbeinite Fertilizer, Kelp Fertilizer Glacial Rock Dust & Earth Juice […]

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Salmonberry Bomb…BOOM!

Posted by Stoney on February 27, 2017 in Strain Reports |

go into the woods and breathe STRAIN: Salmonberry Bomb TYPE: Indica Dominant ORIGIN: Red Run Cannabis Cultivators LLC MEDIUM: Hydro NUTES: Organic GROWER: Red Run Cannabis Cultivtors LLC APPEARANCE: Sparkling and redheaded SMELL: A notable pine/diesel smell, the high pinines give it the slight turpentine aroma. Pinenes are the primary constituents of turpentine. Pinene has […]

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Strain Review: Sour Diesel

Posted by Stoney on March 11, 2016 in Buds, Hydroponics, Strain Reports |

Strain: Sour Diesel  Type: Sativa Hybrid Origin: Cali Connection Medium: Hydro Lighting: LED Nutes: CLASSIFIED Grower: Northern Lights Cannabis Company Appearance: Tight, sparkly, very dense buds Smell: Earthy, almost a chocolaty smell, very inviting, can’t really find the “skunk” heritage on the sniff test. Burn: Clean, thick and flavorful inhale. Taste: Rich, I can feel […]

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Ripped Bubba

Posted by Stoney on January 31, 2016 in Strain Reports |

STRAIN: Ripped Bubba TYPE: 60% indica-dominant hybrid, resin-heavy Pre-98 Bubba Kush with the flavorful and euphoric sativa Jack the Ripper ORIGIN: TGA Genetics MEDIUM: SOIL NUTES: UNK GROWER: Chugiak Red(?) APPEARANCE: Red hairs abound! SMELL: Earthy with some skunk, enticing BURN: Light gray ash, clean TASTE: Very nice, sweet and thick with resiny goodness EXHALE: […]



Moose Nuggets

Posted by Stoney on January 17, 2016 in Marijuana, Strain Reports |

Strain: Moose Nugget Type: Assorted Origin: The bottom of a stash box Medium: Rare Lighting: 28″ LCD Monitor Nutes: Hormel Chile with Rice and Chedder Cheese Grower: Nothing growing on it that I could see. Appearance: Greenish, lots of kief, a few little bits of shatter and something that looks like a freeze dried raisin. […]



Posted by Stoney on January 8, 2016 in News, Strain Reports |

A newly discovered Cannabis Sativa variation has been found growing in and around the “safety zone” within the Fukashima Prefecture in Japan. Initial field reports indicate that Fukasativa seems to be a self flowering and self aware strain. “The high begins when you first inhale, but the fun begins when you pack it in a […]


Grape God by GrizzWeed

Posted by Stoney on December 27, 2015 in Buds, Strain Reports |

STRAIN: Grape God TYPE: hybrid ORIGIN: Grapefruit/God bud MEDIUM: Soil LIGHTS: MH/HPS/T-8’S NUTES: Private reserve, Family recipes GROWER: GrizzWeed APPEARANCE: hard, firm and dense SMELL: Sweet, fruity and yet floral BURN: Slow and even leaving a light grey to white ash at finish TASTE: Distinctly sweet and fruity draw almost juicy. A robust flavor EXHALE: […]

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Kosher Kush Review

Posted by Stoney on December 4, 2015 in Buds, Strain Reports |

Strain: Kosher Kush Type: Indica Origin: DNA’s Reserva Privada seed line, Kosher Kush won the High Times Indica Cup in 2010 and 2011. Medium: Hydro Lighting: LED Nutes: Classified Grower: NLCC Appearance: Tight and very sparkly. Smell: Sharp Pine tones Burn: Very clean Taste: Baby, I promise I won’t…na, here it comes, you ready? Rich […]

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Purple Kush from NLCC/Medical Seeds

Posted by Stoney on December 2, 2015 in Buds, Hydroponics, Strain Reports |

STRAIN: Purple Kush TYPE: Indica ORIGIN: Medical Seeds MEDIUM: Hydro under LED NUTES: CLASSIFIED GROWER: NLCC APPEARANCE: Sparkly and tight, not rocks but certainly not fluffly nugs either. SMELL: Musty dankness, a good but not bold smell BURN: Clean TASTE: As to be expected from a PK, rich and flavorful. EXHALE: Terpines lingering on the […]

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Seriously Happy

Posted by Stoney on November 23, 2015 in Strain Reports |

Strain review: Seriously Happy 3rd prize in the category: ‘Sativa / Grower’ at the IC-420 Cup 2015 in Amsterdam Strain: Seriously Happy Type: Sativa hybrid, F1-hybrid, Sativa/Indica Hybrid Origin: Serious Seeds, Warlock x AK47, grown locally from seed Medium: Hydroponic Lights: LED Nutes: CLASSIFIED Grower: NLCC 8.0 / Appearance: Frost! Any more frost and it […]


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